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Anti Spammer from 8Share & ChurpChurp

面子书 (Malaysia Red People)
A lot of Spammers appears, what do spammers do? They deliver wrong message at the wrong place and keep doing it over and over again.

Before I need to say something about this topics, for those who do not know 8Share and ChurpChurp, these are "Social-Branding" website in Malaysia, in simple is "Advertising" Company (most people understand better Advertising than Social Branding).
These Advertising Company (8Share and ChurpChurp) will channel or distribute the "Advertising" Links (URL) to their user, and their users are getting paid from the visitors who click on their links. Unfortunately, some unethical users of 8Share and ChurpChurp "Spam" their URL everywhere over the high traffic page (i.e. on Famous Public Figure Fanpage such as NameWee, Joyce Chu, Red People)

Here are some of the examples of their results. They use "attractive" subtitle for their comments and with a short URL. NEVER! NEVER! Click the link that is shorten!

Say NO to these Spammers! How to stop them doing this again? Report them to Facebook. It is simple and easy, follow the steps here.

How to Report a SPAM!


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