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How Malaysia Red People Make Money? 马来西亚红人如何赚钱?

面子书 (Malaysia Red People)

How Malaysia Red People Make Money? 马来西亚红人如何赚钱?

Getting more and more popular, people are curious on how these Red People make money? How does them, like NameWee, Joyce Chu, Red People makes money? There are few ways they generate the income. [post_ad]

1. Youtube Channel
First of all, it is via the Youtube Channel.  If you realise sometimes when we browse the Youtube video, there is an advertisement streaming and some times there is small little advertisements beneath the video right? (As shown in the picture below)

Skip Ad button (this advs normally appears at the beginning of the video)

This kind of advs appears in the middle of the video.
These Youtube Channel Advertisements rewards is based on the interaction of the end-user (the viewers) with the Advertisements shown. So, even the views on the Youtube Video is huge, it does not necessary means that the income is huge.

You can start to make money on Youtube today also, follow the step by step here

2. Via Functions Activities/Magazine Contents/TV Shows
It is undeniable that a good looking face have the more advantages than other. It is a gift. Thus, Red People can make fortune out of this. They appears on social media, magazine, TV shows and in public and the return is the money make. Here is some of the example on how Red People make money. The questions on how much money they make, this one I have absolutely no idea. Roughly this is how they make money.

《I Feel》杂志有Red People的Crystal Wei Wei Yap (Crystal appears on I Feel magazine)
8TV Shows with Red People

3. Via Royalty Programme
Still remembering the super famous song and also the first song by Red People, there are ringtones for sell  too. (If you miss the song "You Not Red by Red People" get it here You Not Red Youtube Video
They get royalty from their efforts contributed to the songs.
Royalty Song from Neway too.

4. Via Facebook Recommendation (FB代言)
Not forgetting the power of Facebook too. Most user of Facebook makes nothing out of scrolling the Facebook page. But few people really utilise the function of this social media. Yup, you guess it right, Red People are selling their own products or their partners products. Below are some screen shot of the Facebook page pictures.

Summary, if you want to make money like these Red People also, first of all you need to be talented, either you are a good singer, good song writer, etc or you have presentable outlook. Have a nice day. Like this article share with your friends too.

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